• Bespoke to your business needs
  • Follows advanced techniques
  • Desktop and Mobile Search Compatible

Our Advanced SEO

Why is getting on the 1st page of Google’s organic listings so important for your business and online brand?

“73% of new website visitors come through search engines”

source: Forrester Research

Today most customers are searching for your products / services online on Google and other Search Engines. Hence, you need to be one of the first results search engine users see. It’s that simple. People using the internet spend less than 5 to 10 seconds scanning through their search results and only ever look on the 1st page of any search engines results. Therefore, it is important that your website is found on the first page for your potential customers to discover you.

80% of these users only click on the Google organic search results NOT the Google AdWords results.

Our SEO success mantra is “Bespoke”

SEO has evolved over the years and today and a “one size fits all” approach simply doesn’t work. Some SEO companies may give you a list of 100 things that they would do month on month without even analysing your business needs, your website or even your competitor’s SEO strategy (whom they need to beat to get you to page 1). This simply doesn’t work anymore (it used to pre 2010) and we will never give you a cut, copy, paste list of activities.

We understand this and implement bespoke SEO solutions that are driven by your business needs as well as your competitors SEO strategy. Our SEO processes are fully dynamic and we refine our strategy for you every month depending on the results achieved the previous month and the latest updates by Google and other search engines.

How do we do it?

Well Search Engine Optimisation is not brain surgery. It’s basically VERY Labour intensive and time consuming. But when you know the tricks of how the search engines rank their results and you refine your skill over time you can push websites you want onto the 1st page of Google!


Webpage Optimisation (Onpage SEO)

Not surprisingly, one of the most important elements of successful Search Engine Optimisation is your own website! We see that most SEO companies don’t pay regular attention to your website and probably analyse it from an old SEO (pre 2010) perspective. However, let us assure you that Google does pay attention to your website and so do we.

We have ensured that our Advanced SEO checklist covers all the aspects Google checks for on your website eg. indexability, duplicate content, meta tags, coding errors / validations , loading time, mobile and much more. This is not a onetime checking process as we continuously monitor your website and the changes you make so that your website is always in line with the latest onpage SEO requirements Google wants for higher rankings.

Increase Domain Authority (Offpage SEO)

Next is Targeted Link Building to increase domain authority- Google ranks your site by how many links from other relevant websites it has. It’s a bit like an internet popularity contest of how many websites know your website. We will manually build relevant links to your website and make sure Google recognises them so that it sees your website as being relevant to more search queries.

Detailed Analysis and Reporting

One of the best things about SEO is the high visibility in terms of reporting, analysis and judging performance of your marketing spend.  We will provide monthly ranking reports for your search terms along with detailed analysis of the highlights of the month and a plan for the coming month.

You will have your own dedicated Account Manager available in UK working hours to help you make the most of our unique, very cost effective and flexible SEO service.