Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for ONLY £200 per month. (that's only £7 per day!)

For 30 search terms of your choice

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Our Cheap SEO

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for ONLY £200 per month.
  • For 30 search terms of your choice.
  • No fixed term contract or set-up fee.
  • We can do SEO targeting for local search, national and global search.

Cheap SEO

Using our cheap SEO it’s possible to get your site to Google first page.

It does take time, but with our hard work, knowledge and experience our low cost SEO can get you there.

Our experience in providing cheap, low cost SEO has got many of our clients to Google first page. It involves the following simple but effective steps.

Thorough, common sense keyword analysis to help you select the best keywords to initially target for SEO. You can always update your keywords and with our cheap SEO we can help you select the best keywords whenever you need to update them.

With our low cost SEO we look at what SEO “gaps” your site has and how these “gaps” can be filled. Google’s algorithm requires your site to have the SEO basics in place before any SEO work can have an impact i.e. your site needs to be error free, mobile optimised, without duplicate content etc.

On page optimisation. Your site needs to have optimised meta tags, no missing or duplicate meta tags, optimised non duplicated content, optimised sitemaps etc. The list is long and needs to be regularly checked. With our cheap SEO we do all this for you to let you focus on your business.

Off page optimisation. With our cheap SEO we do what Google wants for first page rankings. This means slow, manual “white hat” link building to build your site’s domain authority. This part of our low cost SEO is the longest and hardest part of our cheap SEO process as it requires continuous, long term effort over many months. Sudden, quick fixes, cutting corners or automated link building will lead to a Google penalty and your site losing its Google rankings.

Even after getting to Google first page you need to do our cheap SEO steps above every month without stopping or your site’s rankings will decline and your SEO spend and effort will be wasted. Google measures your continuous SEO effort and stopping it leads to a decline.

Handling and getting ready for Google algorithm updates is part of our cheap SEO service. Recovery with our low cost SEO is a hard effort but it’s possible. We believe prevention is better than cure so with our cheap SEO we always keep our eyes on the horizon for Google’s algorithm updates to make sure your site is ready to survive and thrive from them whilst others may not.

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