Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for ONLY £200 per month. (that's only £7 per day!)

For 30 search terms of your choice

UK Based

No Contract - Cancel Anytime

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Our Budget SEO

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for ONLY £200 per month.
  • For 30 search terms of your choice.
  • No fixed term contract or set-up fee.
  • UK Based. We can do SEO targeting for local search, national and global search.

Budget SEO Service in London, UK

Budget SEO Service in London, UK


TopRungSEO provides budget SEO services in London for those on a tight budget and who want a great return from their internet marketing spend.

Our budget SEO services at low cost focus on the essential factors that can boost your keyword rankings, help you reach the first page of Google quickly, and maintain your position there.

Since we offer a no contract – cancel anytime budget SEO service this gives our SEO clients the flexibility and comfort of mind knowing they’re not tied in and thinking we’ll get complacent. This also means we have to get our SEO clients to Google’s first page and keep them there or they’ll leave us. This keeps us on our toes.

We focus on the essentials that will get our SEO clients to Google’s first page. These essentials are: researching and selecting the best keywords, onsite optimization, and off-page optimization.

Our free keyword research uses the insights of what is being typed into Google and what those searching for your services or products are most likely to type. We gain this insight as we’re UK-based so we know how UK searchers think and what they’d type as we’re the same UK searchers ourselves. This is the first step of our budget SEO process and in any journey, the first step is an important one.

Then once we’ve worked with our SEO client to settle on which keywords they want to target we use these keywords for our budget SEO onsite optimisation. We optimize according to clients’ meta tags and other key page elements. The next steps involve new optimized content generation. For more information on our onsite optimization process please contact us.

For our off-page optimization, at TopRungSEO we’ll only do gradual, manual link-building to improve your site’s rankings. We build relevant, natural inbound links that provide added value and help those navigating the internet. We have our own internal processes that help us research and find the highest-value links for our link-building. For more information on this as part of our budget SEO process please contact us.

All the above needs to be continually done month on month as Google wants to see long-term SEO work not just a one-off one-time activity.

For more information about our budget SEO service please get in touch.