Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for ONLY £200 per month. (that's only £7 per day!)

For 30 search terms of your choice

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Our Affordable SEO

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for ONLY £200 per month.
  • For 30 search terms of your choice.
  • No fixed term contract or set-up fee.
  • We can do SEO targeting for local search, national and global search.

Affordable SEO

Get to Google’s first page using our affordable SEO.

TopRungSEO is a UK based affordable SEO agency located in London. We’ve got over 30+ clients to the first page of Google using our low cost, affordable SEO.

As part of our affordable SEO service we’ll conduct a free, no-obligation keyword analysis to find you the best keywords. We’ll give you timeframes for how long we think it’ll take for you to get to Google’s first page for these keywords using our affordable SEO.

Once you’ve agreed to your starting keywords for SEO we’ll use them to check how good your website’s onsite SEO is for them and we’ll provide onsite optimised meta tags which use your selected keywords. As part of our affordable SEO strategy we’ll check your websites text content density (as Google needs text content in order to rank your site on the first page) and your websites page addresses (URLs) to see if you need new pages which can help more of your keywords get to Google’s first page. Once the new text content and pages (if any required) have been made then we’ll see how they affect the rankings of your keywords. We’ll revise your onsite optimisation according to this effect on your keyword rankings by our affordable SEO.

As we conduct our affordable SEO process we’ll optimise your inbound link profile. To do this we’ll only manually build inbound links, we’ll never build or buy or purchase inbound links as Google doesn’t like them and could penailse your rankings due to them. To help us find the best inbound links for our affordable SEO we’ll see which inbound links have the best positive effect on your rankings. (For more details on how we conduct this process please contact us).

Inbound link building is a very important process as Google sees how many inbound links your website has and how good your website’s inbound link profile is when deciding where to rank your site for your keywords.

On top of all this there are additional steps we do for our affordable SEO. To find out more about them please contact us.

Using our affordable SEO you can get to Google first page as many of our clients and we ourselves have done. It does take time and patience as Google gradually increases your website rankings. The length of time it takes to get to Google’s first page depends on where your site appears in the rankings before we start our affordable SEO, how competitive your selected keywords are and many other other factors such as the age of your domain etc.

If you’re interested and want to try our affordable SEO please contact us and we can do a free, no-obligation keyword analysis to find you the best keywords.