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  • We’re based in London SW2 and want to be your local partner to help improve your online presence.
  • We provide the best and most up-to-date UK based Advanced SEO service at the actual price it should be with a no fixed term contract. Unlike other SEO companies who’ll charge you many £1,000’s per month and tie you into long term contracts for a lower quality service done from outside the UK.
  • You will have your own dedicated UK account manager who you can call or email during UK working hours. This means we provide full reporting and 100% transparency of what we’re doing. English is our first language so you can easily talk and work with us. Many SEO firms are not even based in the UK so working with them can be difficult and it’s hard to know what they are actually doing due to the distance, time lags and poor communication can.
  • Being close to you here in the UK means we can formulate and update your Advanced SEO strategy quickly and on a regular basis. You don’t get this with remote SEO agencies outside the UK who don’t understand Google’s latest updates, the UK SEO industry or your UK business.
  • We’ve gained extensive experience in the UK SEO industry over the past 8 years and can provide examples of our work and references.

We understand what businesses want:

We are not just a team of technology enthusiasts and you will have no difficulty explaining your business requirements to us. The team at TopRungSEO has practical business experience across verticals and understand your business goals. We will work with you to identify the best strategy that will help you maximise your revenue from SEO – as that’s what matters!

We have a talented team:

We have a highly talented team at TopRungSEO who dedicatedly work on Search Engine Optimisation. This means that we are on top of the latest developments in the SEO industry and our expertise is concentrated only on SEO versus other agencies that do multiple activities and their expertise is thinly spread across all the various technologies they work on. We only do SEO and we do it well!

We are led by an expert:

Neil is an expert in SEO and has helped many businesses in the UK, US, Brazil and Australia get on to the 1st page of Google.